Covituary: How To Remember Your Lost Loved Ones

Covituary How To Remember Your Lost Loved Ones

The statistics continue being sobering about COVID-19, with statistics this month showing 1.4 million deaths from the virus on a global scale. Here in America, the mounting loss of life continues, despite vaccines being on their way.

Losing a loved one to this is absolutely devastating when so much could still be done to prevent it. When it happens to someone like you, how can you deal with life afterward?

Your best way is set up an online memorial page of your loved one that stays active for years to come. Not many services are available to let you do this without having to pay in.

The Best Way to Remember Your Lost Loved One: Covituary

You might have experience with online memorial services for others in your family you’ve lost over the years. One thing you probably noticed is most of them force you to pay them to keep an online obituary going. Even then, those services only let you post an obit and not other multimedia like videos or a compendium of pictures.

What if you could find a free service letting you set up a memorial page with multimedia tools available? We’ve created such a service at Covituary. Our goal was to create a resource that lasts for years to come so the memory of your parents, relative, or friend who passed from COVID is always cherished.

While we do appreciate donations to keep our service going, it’s still free to use as a service. The things you can do to memorialize your loved one also brings you peace in a time when it seems like there is none.

Let us show you how to remember your loved one in the proper way, including gaining assurance it’ll continue to exist online.

Post Videos and Other Media

Our memorial pages are set up so you can post any type of media you need to properly remember your lost family member. First, you need to register (for free) to set up your own memorial page.

Then you can post pictures and videos so anyone visiting sees your footage. Allowing this helps bring a more vivid picture of who your loved one was. Making this easier on bandwidth, we let you post video links to videos from other sources.

In addition, you can post an online eulogy or obituary. Doing this on our site saves you money posting lengthy obituaries in local publications or newspapers.

Another section is devoted to milestones in the life of the person. You can list as many things as you want, giving a complete profile on your loved one’s accomplishments and how much they meant to others.  A donation link to their favorite charities is also allowed.

Share Your Memorial Page to the World

After you’ve completed your memorial page, we offer a memorial link you can post anywhere on the internet. Posting this on social media gets your page out to everyone you know, including those who maybe didn’t know your loved one personally.

Being able to share the life of someone close to you who lost their life to this dreaded virus is the best way to uplift yourself and the person’s memory. Best of all, you can keep sharing that link for years to come, even when this virus is (hopefully) a memory.

A guestbook is even placed on the page so everyone can leave comments and their remembrances. It’s designed to bring everybody together without having to play risk having a memorial service in-person. Our guestbook is set up so guests can type anything they want to relay important stories you maybe never knew.

Visit us to learn more about our memorial page service. We’re there to help you get through the dark days.

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