Free Online Memorial Service For Your Loved One

Free Online Memorial Service For Your Loved One

The current state of the world has been challenging for everyone emotionally and financially. With more and more people losing their jobs, money has been tight all around. When a loved one dies of COVID-19 medical, personal, and funeral expensive can be extremely pricey. Who would have ever thought we wouldn’t be allowed to have funerals for our loved ones, or we would have to limit the number of people who can attend the funeral. That’s where Covituary comes in. We offer a free online memorial service that can be shared with family and friends. 


This virus has been unpredictable, life-altering, and deadly for many Americans. The U.S topped 300,000 total deaths since the start of the pandemic. Countless Americans have died as a result of this crisis, and Covituary makes it a priority to make sure these lives aren’t forgotten and these individuals’ stories are told. These shutdowns and deaths of this disease have affected everyone in the world. With the uncertain timing of vaccine distribution, there is no end in sight as the pandemic rages on.  While this pandemic certainty can’t last forever, Covituary can make sure the memories of your loved ones will. 

Covituary Memorial Service 

The Covituary website is designed as a place to commemorate the life of a loved one that has been lost due to COVID-19. If you’re loved one was not able to have a proper memorial or service, a tribute to them on Covituary can connect family, friends, and community. This will allow them to grieve together in a way that they would at a typical memorial service. Using Covituary, you can commemorate those who were lost to the pandemic while staying safe.

Free Covituary Features 

Images and Videos

Photos and videos are some of the most special memories you have with your loved ones. Covituary allows anyone to upload photos and video links to share memories and special moments with those who view the memorial.


Similar to a classic eulogy there will be a place to share information of the life of the loved one that has been lost. This will be a place to talk about any memories and stories that you shared with them. This collection of stories will be saved and able to be passed down from generation to generation. 

Virtual Memorial Link 

Since everyone has to be distanced at this time. It’s hard to get everyone together for a traditional service. The virtual memorial like will be a place where the virtual service can be accessed so those who aren’t able to be there in person can still attend.


If your loved one had an organization or charity close to them, you can link a sight for donations to that charity on their behalf. These charitable donations will be made straight to the organization and a great way to honor your loved one.


Everyone’s life is full of accomplishments and your loved one accomplished amazing things in their lifetime. You want your loved one’s milestones to be remembered and cherished by their families and friends. This is a place to highlight their marriage, career and volunteer efforts. Showcasing their special life events will help you remember how amazing they were.


Each Covituary will have a guest book area where visitors can post messages, tributes, condole scenes and stories in honor of your loved ones. These memories will help your friends, family and community learn more about the loved ones who had past and reflect on some of their special moments.

Go to our website and follow our 3 easy steps to create a free memorial for your loved one who has passed. 

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