Lost a Loved One to COVID-19? Create A Virtual Memorial

Lost a Loved One to COVID-19 Create A Virtual Memorial

COVID-19 is a devastating and isolating disease. Thousands per day are facing heartbreaking losses and saying goodbye to their loved ones over the phone. The sadness of loss is multiplied when traditional funerals and memorials have to be delayed to prevent further spread. 

Covituary is here to create a community of celebration for the lives that were cut too short. You can use our platform to create a virtual memorial to share the story of the ones you love. Best of all, you are provided a free, secure link to view and share your memorial whenever you want. No more worrying about staying six-feet apart — their memory will be unmasked and at the tip of your fingers. Here’s how it works. 

Creating a Memorial

Typical obituaries can be published in the newspaper, but traditional print is reaching a smaller and smaller audience. Even worse, getting these pieces published can often cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars — expenses you shouldn’t have to incur in the midst of grief. That’s why Covituary seeks to give you as much space as you need, for free.

Although Covituary can’t undo the devastation wrought by the coronavirus, we can provide a safe space for you to share treasured pictures, stories, and memories. Our six free features allow you to create a beautiful memorial, providing the celebration your loved one deserves and the sense of closure you need.  

While we do provide an area for a typical eulogy or biography, we don’t stop there. We encourage users to share their favorite pictures, proving that COVID-19 didn’t just take numbers, but names. You can also incorporate video links that will quickly become treasured peaks into a beautiful life. 

To make things even more personal to your loved one, we offer a section to solicit donations to their favorite charity. We hope having the opportunity to continue the good they brought to the world will bring you solace. Our “milestones” feature also allows you to recount some of their biggest achievements, accolades, and events. 

Finding a Community

In times of social distance and self-quarantining, we know that too many things have been handled alone. The final two features of Covituary seek to foster a community of grievers who can connect and commiserate over an unprecedented time in our history. 

The first allows you to schedule and link to any planned virtual memorial service for your loved one. This is an easy way to ensure that everyone who wants to celebrate the life of your honoree is able to access the service. The date of your ceremony will also be forever saved in the memorial, even if you didn’t get to have a traditional service or bulletin. 

At the bottom of every memorial page, we allow you to include a virtual guestbook. Visitors can share fond memories, well wishes, and prayers for your loved one and family. This is a great place to hear from members of your existing support system and also a potential platform to meet people who are experiencing similar hardships. The stories and feelings that are shared will be forever preserved on your page, proving that your loved one’s legacy is far from over. 


The COVID-19 pandemic has irrevocably changed millions of lives. We desperately wish that a site like ours wasn’t necessary. However, we hope that Covituary can be a meaningful part of your healing process and a respectful resting place for the lives of those you love. 

With Covituary, we can be brought closer together through a virus that necessitates distance. Post your memorial or explore existing postings today

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