We’ve made it simple for you to become the “AUTHOR” of a memorial page for your loved one lost to COVID-19. Each memorial page is an evolving space to post an obituary, write a tribute, share photos, link videos and allow visitors to comment.


All FREE memorial pages come with these features:


Keep your beloved fresh in the minds of your family and friends with photos and videos on their COVITUARY™ memorial page. With the ability to upload photos and post video links, we make it easy to share memories for all of your guests to view.


Honor the life of your loved one by sharing the highlights of their life. Note the special memories and experiences you shared together in the Memorial section. Your loved one’s story doesn’t end here, help share their story for years to come.


Although today’s world is distanced, it’s simple to unite with friends and family through an online memorial service. All COVITUARY™ pages have the ability to easily attach a link to your virtual service whether it has already happened or is still to come.


If your loved one held certain charities close to his or her heart, help your guests to easily donate to those causes in their honor. Memorial pages have a place to add links for charitable donations.


Life is full of accomplishments; be sure your loved one’s proudest moments are shared. This is the place to highlight the countless significant moments in your loved one’s life. Be it their marriage, career, volunteer efforts and more, this is your chance to showcase their special life events.


Each memorial will have a guest book where visitors can post messages, tributes, condolences and stories in honor of your loved one so these memories will live on forever.


The COVITUARY™ website was founded by mother and daughter, Megan and Samantha, after they were saddened to see so many families were not only losing loved ones to the virus, but that they were unable to mourn, memorialize and celebrate the lives of those lost in the traditional ways of the past. They wanted to design a space that’s free for everyone, easy to use, and serves one purpose: paying tribute to lives lost.