6 Ways to Virtually Honor Loved Ones Lost to COVID-19

6 Ways to Virtually Honor Loved Ones Lost to COVID-19

COVID-19 claims more lives every day, bringing heartache and hardship to families across the country and world. The nature of the virus means that these loved ones often die alone, with family members lacking the opportunity to say proper, in-person goodbyes. In order to social distance, traditional memorial services — which bring kinship and closure — are delayed, moved online, or cancelled altogether. 

Just as the coronavirus has transformed the way we live, it has changed the way we mourn. Covituary seeks to put the power back in the hands of the grievers. Our online memorial community offers six completely free ways to forever commemorate the lives of those you’ve lost to the pandemic. Here are some of the features you can use to share the life of your one-of-a-kind loved one. 

1. Sharing Images and Videos

Lately, the faces we loved to see the most are obscured behind masks. Sharing images and videos from pre-pandemic times can highlight some of the most joyous moments in your loved one’s life. Smiles will no longer have to be six feet apart; you’ll be able to access them at the click of a button. 

Videos offer additional value in preserving audio clips of your loved one’s voice and their typical movements. 

2. Writing a Eulogy or Biography

Covituary provides space for you to share a traditional eulogy or biography of your honoree. While traditional newsprint may charge for this access and publication, we simply exist to help you tell the story you need to share. The descriptions can be classic and formal or riddled with familial inside jokes. 

3. Including a Virtual Memorial Link

If you do set up a virtual memorial service, Covituary allows you to easily display and distribute the link. This allows others with a connection to your loved one to not miss out on the celebration of their life. 

After the service has passed, the date and link will remain on the page. This allows you to have almost a virtual bulletin for the event, which forever recalls the date of your memorial. 

4. Soliciting Donations for a Favorite Cause

Don’t let COVID halt the good that came from your loved one’s life. By including a donation link to their favorite charity, you can use their memorial to make meaningful change, even after their death. 

Expenses that would normally be directed at buying flowers can be redirected toward a beloved cause. 

5. Recounting Milestones

The milestones section of Covituary allows you to include achievements, accolades, and memorable occasions. You could incorporate weddings, births of children, graduations, career advancements, or otherwise iconic moments. This snapshot will help highlight the human behind the number, showing that every COVID-19 loss is connected to an accomplished and loving person. 

6. Opening a Guestbook

At the conclusion of your memorial, you can include a guestbook. This is a public comment section that allows visitors to share their favorite memories, best wishes, and prayers. These messages are forever preserved within the page and allow you to foster new connections and cherish old ones. 

Covituary’s most powerful resource is the community it creates. In such unprecedented times, commiserating with others who share a similar experience to your loss is a crucial step in the healing process. Your free, shareable link to your memorial will allow you to spread the word to familiar faces on social media. But don’t forget to read other memorials, honor new lives, and make new friends. 

If you have lost a loved one to COVID-19, create your Covituary memorial today. We hope to help you develop a treasured online retreat that helps to heal your heart. 

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