Covituary: A Response To COVID-19 Deaths

Covituary: A Response To COVID-19 Deaths

The loss of life from COVID-19 is enough to numb our minds and souls. Emotions are heightened at how so many people keep dying, despite methods available to prevent the spread of COVID-19. While vaccines are now being shipped out, someone in your own life may have just lost their life to this dreaded virus.

It will be over eventually, but that comes too late for those who lost their lives throughout 2020. Someone close to you may be one of those, if not many more, including friends.

How can you respond to this unprecedented feeling of loss and grief? Your best outlet is to create an online memorial bringing catharsis for you and everyone in your family.

How Important is a Memorial Page in Responding to COVID Deaths?

Not having any outlet to express memories and grief is an unhealthy process after someone passes. With no in-person memorials possible now, millions are going through the same problem of knowing where to turn.

Having to put off a memorial for a loved one indefinitely (possibly into the coming year) is not the best way to deal with your sense of loss. You need an outlet to place your feelings in the proper context. Likewise, many of your other family members and friends probably want the same.

At Covituary, we’ve solved this problem by offering a free memorial page setup allowing multimedia for a well-rounded portrait. The loved one you lost may have numerous life moments you want to share with others who need to express their feelings now.

We make it easier to respond to the loss of someone by bringing everyone you know to a guestbook to share their feelings.

Bring Everyone Together in One Place

Perhaps you’ve used other online memorial sites in the past, yet realized how many limitations they have. Places like are a prime example of giving you limited ways to express your thoughts, not including charging you to keep the page active.

Covituary doesn’t charge a cent for you to use our features, which includes the ability to post videos, images, and a link to your loved one’s favorite charity. To reduce bandwidth, we allow you to post links to other sources to share more photos and videos.

A guestbook is also available so guests can come in and leave as many comments as they want. You’ll be able to reach these people by using our sharing link to post on social media or any other location.

It’s our guestbook where you can truly bring your family and friends together to share their remembrances. They can even come back to respond to someone who made a comment, making it interactive and like giving a eulogy at a live service.

Post Milestones for More Memories

Along with the guestbook, we let you post milestones of your loved on your page, giving an opportunity to awaken further remembrances from guests. Some things about your lost loved one are maybe unknown to family members and friends. Posting these milestones offers true communion with those in your inner circle, something so important at a time like this.

No matter who your loved one was, they likely had a marriage, a career, or volunteer efforts that many people want to remember and discuss. Combining this with links to videos and photos, you have everything you need to make your parent, relative, or friend vivid again.

Those lost to COVID deserve to have their memory cherished, and we’re there to offer it with no charge.

Visit us to learn more about how we’re providing the ultimate response to our nation’s COVID losses.

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