How to Craft Free Online Memorials and Tributes for Your Loved Ones Lost to Covid-19

How to Craft Free Online Memorials and Tributes for Your Loved Ones Lost to Covid-19

Covid-19 has brought all the world activities to a halt. The virus is currently a global pandemic and continues to claim many lives in all countries in the world. There have been many measures used in trying to reduce the spread and prevent more deaths. The measures include social distancing and movement restrictions. 
With these tight issues surrounding the spread of covid-19, it is impossible to have customary celebrations and memorial services for your loved one who succumbs to the virus. However, it has been the norm for several years in humankind’s history to celebrate the life of your beloved when they pass away. There are ways you can still have a perfect ceremony online.
It would be best to have an obituary that focuses on the life of your loved one. You can share all the fun moments you spend through the obituary and explain your loved one’s life journey seamlessly. You can also get a large audience through an obituary instead of using many resources through paper advertisements. Obituaries are significant to keep your loved ones’ memories alive, even in death.

Online Memorials and Funeral Services
Several governments allow a certain number of people to gather when during a memorial service. The number keeps changing due to the rising coronavirus cases and may even go as low as ten people per service. According to a coronavirus newsletter, on December 11, 2020Florida covid-19 cases skyrocketed to 11,335. There was also an increased number of deaths more than any other in the whole months. 
These new cases invite more measures on the issue of social distancing and gathering. It is best now to focus on having online memorial services that will be conducted for people remotely. It is possible to have a useful online session through the use of video software or zoom. Everyone around the globe can have access to the online service and watch in real-time. 
You can have a memorial service effectively by:

• Choose a universal conferencing online platform
There are several video conferencing tools in the market. It would be best to choose one available worldwide to enable relatives and friends who are in other continents to be part of the service. 

• Practice before the online service
As the say goes, ‘practice makes perfect,’ ensure you have practiced and given a perfect orientation to everyone who will be in attendance. It enables you to avoid wasting the service day when others may have problems logging in. 

• Employ a tech-savvy service
When you have any problem with the connection, your tech-savvy guest will rectify the issue promptly to enable you to continue with your service. 

Create a Memorial 
You can be the author of your loved one free memorial online page. It incorporates several features and can help you reach a massive audience. The top features you should have in your free memorial page are:

Images and Videos
You can upload pictures and video links to all the fun moments you had with your loved ones to celebrate their lives. The free memorial page keeps the memories fresh and helps you relive the best moments.

Highlight the top events that your loved ones went through in their lives. The story will be available for everyone to see. 
Online Memorial Service Link
Include the service link in your memorial page for everyone who wants to be part of the service. It is easy to have close friends and family worldwide to join you to celebrate the life of your loved one. 

Your free memorial page guestbook allows visitors to leave messages, tributes, and condolences to honor the life of your loved one. 
At COVITUARYTM, we offer quality free ways to create your memorial page to commemorate the life of your loved one. You can still plan and have an effective online service to send your loved one during these challenging times. Visit us at COVITUARY.ORG today.

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