Covituary Virtually Creates An Evolving Memorial That Honors Your Loved Ones Forever

Covituary Virtually Creates An Evolving Memorial That Honors Your Loved Ones Forever

Currently, COVID-19 has killed over 2 million people worldwide with over 300,000 of those deaths in North America alone. Funerals, visitations, and memorials have been kept at a minimum, or even canceled, due to our inability to come together safely to mourn someone’s passing. 

The honor that our loved ones deserve has been contained in short vanilla obituaries and notices in our local news sources that are not accessible to everyone. We can’t meet in person to share our emotions in a healthy way and for many individuals, this is a psychologically unhealthy and lonely time that can affect us forever.

Covituary is the most appropriate and necessary answer to the current problems we face after losing our loved ones. 

What Is Covituary?

Covituary is a non-profit, unique website built by two women who have recently lost someone they dearly loved to the deadly virus. They identify with your pain and their entire intention is to give you a place to mourn with your family and share memories and information that will combine to create a dynamic, well-rounded, and permanent memorial accessible to anyone who is ready to experience it.

Covituary offers space for you to tell as many stories about your loved one that you would like to share. You can add a biography or a eulogy. You can even upload images, videos, and other documents that will mean the world to those that need closure and emotional support.

Your site is available to anyone, and they may comment, share their stories, and keep the site growing until a full picture of your loved one evolves. This information can continue to grow as more people add their memories and it will be an easy tool you can use to share your family history with future generations to come.

How Is Covituary Different From An Obituary?

An obituary is mostly an emotionless biography published in your local news source, such as an online or printed newspaper. Occasionally, a member of the family will choose to write the obituary for their loved one and include tidbits of memories, but generally, space and time are limited. 

An obituary’s purpose is usually more of an announcement of death with funeral details. Most of us are not able to meet for a funeral or memorial visitation in our current climate and everyone deserves the ability to mourn with others, to share their stories, and support each other the way we have to grieve in a constructive and personal way.

Covituary gives everyone the ability to comment on the site and connect in ways we haven’t been able to do in a long time.

Covituary Helps With Overcoming Loss

All of us deal with death differently. Many times, we respond differently each time we face the loss of someone that we love. The manner of death and the age of the deceased are the main components, but how we were raised to mourn is just as essential, especially for the sanctity of our mental health. But we can’t do it alone.

One of the best ways to work through our emotions and come to terms with the event, no matter who we are and how we were raised, is to get all of those feelings out of our bodies by both speaking and writing about them.

Therapists always tell you to write your emotions down, share your thoughts and memories with others, and support each other as best as we can. We have to do this now without being in the presence of others, slowing down the grieving process and even increasing our loneliness and mental distress.

Building your site with Covituary allows everyone to grieve in their own time and in their own way. You have a permanent place to be together and the information, videos, and the other content you choose to share will always available to revisit any time you and your family need support. 

Covituary is a place to share, learn, love, and grow along with others. Bring your thoughts to us and get them out of your body and onto the digital page.  

You can memorialize any loved one, not just the victims of the virus. Loss is loss, no matter how or when it happens. Contact us at Covituary for your questions or just visit our website to learn more about us and create your memorial. 

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