Covituary: Commemorate Lost Loved One In Style

Covituary: Commemorate Lost Loved One In Style

Covid19 is the beast that has ripped us of our freedom of interaction and caused us to restrict our movements. It has shamelessly proceeded to take away the lives of loved ones, family, and friends in a blink. Mourning a loved one in these hard times has been made nerve-racking and frustrating from the government’s mitigation strategy of restricting gatherings. This has ripped us off the traditional funeral that brought family and friends together to support each other as they lay their loved ones to rest. 

If you have lost a loved one this holiday season from Covid19, you are probably feeling isolated with goodbyes said on the phone and your support system hundreds of miles away. The good news, Covituary is here to help. We understand that we cannot bring your loved one back or say words enough to fill the gap left, but we can help bridge the gap between grievers through our online platform.

Sad Facts About Covid19

According to Florida’s Department of Health, the state recorded 11,335 Covid19 cases on Thursday, December 11th, and 129 new deaths totaling the number of deaths in Florida to 11,591. To date, the WHO has recorded a total of 72,196,732 global Covid19 cases, with 1,630,521 persons deceased as a result of the same.  300,000 of these deaths are from the U.S, which positions the country among the most affected.

Covituary got your back

We understand that lack of a proper outlet or decent time to mourn your loved one can birth detrimental repercussions to your health. Therefore, we have dedicated ourselves to walking with you every step of the grieving process to see you brave the healing journey. We do so by offering a FREE online memorial page that allows you to commemorate your loved one in style.

How to Register Your Lost Loved One Today

It’s easy-peasy to make a memorial for your lost loved one, on Covituary. The platform allows you to upload images and videos of the golden moments you shared in a bid to keep the memories alive. It also allows the deceased’s family and friends to write tributes to their departed in celebration of the time they spent together and reaffirmation of their undying love for the deceased. Besides, you could craft a biography of the departed loved one, giving a story of their life and highlighting major important dates surrounding their lives. Moreover, it allows you to celebrate the deceased’s milestones since everyone deserves an accolade for achievements made, and yours shouldn’t be an exception. Things such as marriage, carrier exploits, and others can be documented here.  

Every memorial page comes with a guest book where mourners can write condolences, messages of hope, or even stories in honor and celebration of the departed. You can also attach the link of the online memorial service-if the departed has not been laid to rest yet- and share it with family and friends to join in.

Why a memorial page is important

In addition to bringing mourners together to celebrate the life of the departed, the memorial page acts as an archive of the good times with your loved ones, which you can always retrieve and refresh your memory of them.

The loved ones who have departed due to Covid19 deserve a decent sendoff, just like anyone else. If you are seeking to create an online memorial page, at Covituary, we will sort you out. Contact us today, and let us get in touch.

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