Doing Good Through Grief – COVID-19 Memorials

Doing Good Through Grief - COVID-19 Memorials

If you’ve lost a loved one to COVID-19, you are one of the millions around the world in mourning. Despite how many people have been affected by this pandemic, your grief can feel isolating. When traditional memorial services are called off, painful goodbyes are done over the phone, and support systems are six feet away, you can seem completely alone in your pain. 

Covituary is here to help. Although we can’t bring back the treasured person you love, we hope to foster an online space for sharing the important stories that have been hidden away behind masks thus far. Not only can you create a free, virtual memorial (complete with a eulogy, pictures, and milestones), but you can further the tremendous good that your loved one brought into the world. Here are three ways to use your Covituary memorial to make positive change. 

Tell the Story of an Amazing Life

By creating a Covituary memorial, you create a permanent online retreat for those affected by the loss. Family members, friends, and new connections can return to your page with a simple click on your free, shareable link. Having this place to mourn and reflect can help fill the gap left behind by canceled or postponed memorial services. Your healing shouldn’t have to wait for a vaccine. 

If you are able to host a virtual memorial, Covituary will proudly display your link to ensure that all impacted by the death can be in attendance. We save the date and provide easy access so that your honoree receives the celebration of life that they deserve. Although an online memorial can’t replace the relationships that have been lost, we hope that it can be a shrine to favorite memories and life’s happier moments. 

Collect Donations For Their Favorite Cause

A well-constructed memorial isn’t the only way to continue the legacy of your loved one. We encourage you to connect a donation link to your page, allowing visitors to easily contribute to a cause close to the heart of the deceased. This makes their memorial more personal, and also helps grievers create meaningful change through the suffering. 

Funds that normally would’ve been directed towards flowers, service fees, and traditional obituary publication can instead be used to further the good work of the person you lost. 

Put a Face Behind the Number

Your Covituary page is easily accessible and shareable to other social media platforms. Telling the story of your loved one is an incredibly meaningful way to provide a face behind all of the numbers we’ve heard on the news. This pandemic is so unlike anything most of us have experienced. For many, the danger and the hardships it brings feels far away. Boldly sharing the story of your loss may help to inspire safer social habits of visitors. Fostering empathy between you and your page’s visitors can contribute to the safety of the world as a whole. 

You can also learn the stories of others impacted by this disease. Covituary visitors can explore pages of memorials, dedicated to sharing the stories of the incredible people lost to COVID-19. Through this exploration, you may find others grieving in a similar manner as you. Our guestbook feature allows you to comment on memorials and grow new connections. We hope that the communities you find can be a source of sympathy, hope, and understanding. 

Your COVID-19 memorial can be a celebration that changes the world. If you’re ready to honor a lost loved one, please visit Covituary today. It would be an honor to hear and share your story. Your strength and bravery can help create something good from all of these losses. 

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