Covituary – What Some Need During COVID-19

Covituary - What Some Need During COVID-19

One of the most tragic things about the COVID-19 pandemic is that we have been unable to gather with our loved ones to remember those who have passed away. With cases still climbing upwards and the death toll increasing, it’s important now more than ever to stay safe. Crowds gathering at funerals or memorial services can potentially spread the virus, so we are forced to stay apart at times when we so desperately need closeness. If you’ve lost a loved one during the pandemic, it’s important to keep their memory alive.

COVID Memorials For Your Loved One

During the past year, we have learned to embrace technology as a way to stay connected to friends and relatives. Video chat, social media, and other innovations have helped us stave off isolation and keep up with the people we love. Even though we cannot get together in person, we can use the internet to get together remotely. 

The internet can also be used as a place to create an online memorial for anyone who we have lost in the past few months. It can be helpful and therapeutic to share memories, pictures, eulogies, or obituaries in one place. No matter where you are in the country or around the world, you can add your memories and help to memorialize your loved one. Online COVID obituaries are easy to share across the internet on social media or via email, so you can make sure that everyone can visit the memorial page easily. 

Even when we can’t get together in person to remember those that we lost, talking about the loss and connecting with loved ones is an essential part of the mourning process. Grief can be isolating, and it’s so easy to feel isolated in the days of social distancing. Instead of keeping our grief to ourselves, though, we can share happy memories and pictures online in a permanent memorial that can be accessed by generations to come. 

How To Create An Online COVID Memorial

With the stress of losing a loved one, you don’t want it to be difficult to create a COVID memorial. Covituary was created with this in mind. We make it easy for anyone with internet access to keep your loved one close to heart in an online memorial. Simply upload any information you’d like, and we do the rest. From there, you can easily share the link to the memorial page so anyone can view it.

Even if you’re not particularly tech-savvy, Covituary makes it easy to create a memorial with all the details you would like to share. You can post text, video, and up to 45 images, and include a guestbook so visitors can leave behind their fondest memories of the person who passed away. Anyone who wants to share their condolences, tributes, or memorable moments can do so easily, and the entire memorial will be permanently accessible on the Covituary website, so you can always go back and remember your loved one. And if your loved one was involved in charitable activities or cared strongly about a particular organization, you can include a donation link so people can make charitable donations in their name. 

Right now more than ever, we need to share love and positivity, even in the face of tragedy. Covituary aims to fill the gap left by our current inability to gather together to memorialize loved ones by creating a website dedicated to sharing our memories. Creating your free memorial is easy. Simply head to our website and click on the “Create a Memorial” link at the top of the page to get started. 

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