How To Mark Milestones For Lost Loved Ones With A Covituary Memorial

How To Mark Milestones For Lost Loved Ones With A Covituary Memorial

If you have lost a loved one to COVID-19 during this difficult time, milestones can be challenging. The holiday season can be especially triggering and bring more grief and mourning. Long-held traditions won’t be the same this year without your precious loved one. We know you wish you could celebrate with your loved one again, and with a Covituary memorial, we can make the holidays a little easier for you and your family. 

Impact of COVID-19

When COVID-19 hit in March, no one knew how much of an impact it would have on the world. A poll from NBC news claims a majority of Americans know someone who’s had COVID-19. This virus has affected countless individuals and families, and in some cases, the effects of the virus can be life-altering.  As the numbers began to die so does the death toll, Florida has had its most deaths in months. With restrictions and lockdowns, families aren’t always able to see loved ones in those precious final moments. Creating a memorial with Covituary can help cope with some of that regret and loss of not being able to be with that loved one.

Coping With Grief

It’s important not to hide your grief. Talking about it can be helpful in the process of overcoming. Give yourself permission to accept that things may look a little differently this year. The holiday may not look the same, and that’s okay.  Reach out for support if you need to, and take your time to heal. Writing an online memorial on Covituary can help in the grieving process.

How To Register Your Loved One 

Our online Covituary makes it quick and easy to make a memorial for your loved ones. This memorial will help celebrate the life of a loved one that’s been lost. This is a great way to grieve and support each other with family, friends, and community in a time when we can’t always be together in person. Obituaries can be pricey, but Covituary makes it free to share your loved one’s story. Once your loved one obituary is published on Covituary you can share it with those close to you with just a click of a button. This will allow your loved one’s story to live on for future generations to come. Add images and videos to your loved one’s obituary to keep their faces fresh in the minds of friends and families. You can also post videos so you don’t forget any of those special memories with your loved ones. If your loved one’s service hasn’t happened yet, you can attach the link for the online memorial service to be sure all family and friends that want to attend can be there. If your loved one had a charity that was close to their heart, donations for this charity can be set up on their page. Each memorial will come with a guest book where visitors to the page can post messages, tributes, condolences, and stories in honor of the person who has passed on. 

Mark Milestones For Your Loved One

Everyone’s life is filled with milestones and accomplishments. You shouldn’t let your loved one’s best moments be forgotten. This Covituary can be a place to highlight important moments in your loved one’s life. Things such as marriage, career, and more can be shared on their page. You can even comment on their page events in your life to find comfort in sharing with them. Writing on their page during tough holidays without them can help in the grieving process. This will help your memories of them live on forever, 

Visit our website today to create a memorial to remember your lost loved one this holiday season.

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