How To Accept Donations in Memory of Loved Ones Lost To COVID-19

How To Accept Donations in Memory of Loved Ones Lost To COVID-19

“In lieu of flowers… “  It’s a phrase family members often include in their loved one’s obituaries. Even before Covid-19 limited or eliminated memorial services, floral arrangements gave way to charitable donations as the preferred tribute at funerals. Now that we’re embracing virtual memorials as an alternative to high-risk, in-person remembrance services, memorial donations have become the most sensible option. 

Have you lost someone special to the novel coronavirus? Perhaps you’d like to establish a memorial fund that assists in the eradication of this heartbreaking disease, or supports those who have been affected the most.

Recommended philanthropic organizations

Here are some trusted organizations friends and family may wish to consider for charitable giving on your loved one’s behalf. Each of these is recommended by Charity Navigator, the leading charitable fund accountability organization. 

Doctors Without Borders COVID-19 Crisis Fund

Best-known for deploying volunteer health professionals across the globe, Doctors Without Borders has been on the coronavirus front lines here in the US, focusing on vulnerable populations. 

Boys and Girls Clubs of America

Daycare and school closures have created chaos with family schedules, but they’ve also eliminated sources of hot meals for many low-income school-aged children. BGCA has stepped up to serve as a bridge to essential services for kids. 

Center for Disaster Philanthropy Covid-19 Response Fund

Charity Navigator endorses CDP’s funding programs aimed at supporting frontline workers, small businesses, vulnerable individuals requiring aid during quarantine, and community-based public health education campaigns. 

Local Outreach through United Way

If you want to request charitable gifts that will stay in your loved one’s community but want donors to feel confident in the organization receiving the funds, United Way is one of the world’s most recognized and trusted philanthropic organizations. You can give directly to local chapters, or elect to send donations to communities around the world.

Set up a fund to assist with your loved one’s final expenses

It’s not inappropriate to request assistance with burial arrangements, medical bills, or other expenses incurred as a result of your loved one’s coronavirus battle. Many coronavirus victims were not the only ones in their households struggling with the virus and other related challenges—lost income, mental health care, grief counseling, for example—and if this describes your family, it’s okay to ask for help. Most likely, those who would otherwise send flowers or drop by the traditional prepared meal wouldn’t hesitate to help out with the often insurmountable financial burden Covid-19 places on survivors. 

GoFundMe is an easy-to use, popular crowdfunding platform that allows users to securely donate online to your Covid-19 memorial fundraising campaign. Alternately, you can contact your financial institution to learn how to set up an account specifically for the purpose of receiving donations or for creating a trust for surviving family members. Note that some friends and family may not be comfortable with online giving, and the latter provides an option for sending a check directly to your mailing address or to the bank itself. 

Make it easy for people to give with a COVITUARY™ page

If you’ve lost someone to Covid-19, there’s a special place for you and to celebrate their life and honor their memory. Register their preferred charities with COVITUARY™ when you create their free, personalized, online memorial page. There, in addition to easily donating to your chosen organizations, visitors can view and share videos, images, and guestbook entries, and the site’s user-friendly features will allow you to create a detailed biography and obituary. Unlike with print obituaries or memorial webpages hosted by funeral homes, COVITUARY™ pages remain online as long as you’d like, and allow you full control if you want to add to albums or make changes. 

COVITUARY™ began when its mother-daughter founding team decided to help families pay tribute to those they lost. Now, they can help you make a difference in your loved one’s name.

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