Here is an Easy Way to Creating Online Memorials for Lost Loved Ones During COVID-19

Here is an Easy Way to Creating Online Memorials for Lost Loved Ones During COVID-19

With global pandemic in 2020, every activity in the world has been altered with anticipated uncertainties than no one has ever imagined. Every day, people have to adapt to the new ways and measures to curb the virus’s spread. It is the first time in human beings’ lifetime when people are forced to postpone their loved ones’ memorials and funeral ceremonies.
The funeral and memorial services are inevitable to anyone who wants to celebrate the life of their loved one who has just passed away. People are currently not allowed to convene in large groups due to measures such as social distancing and restrictions of movements. However, you can still manage to hold a perfect ceremony virtually without having to gather.
There are several ways to celebrate your loved one in these challenging times. An obituary enables you to share all the fun story and life of your loved one. Here you will find a secret to sharing your obituary quickly and simply to reach numerous people. The obituary will also be available for life, even to the future generations.

Holding Funeral and Memorial Services during the Pandemic
Everyone is limited to a certain number of people who can gather together. According to Florida’s Department of Health, the numbers of coronavirus cases are reaching over a million and are currently the third highest in America cases. It raises the alarm and would want everyone to keep following the measures as provided by the governments.
The bereaved family can have a private session to celebrate the life of their loved one at home. You have to alert all the local authorities and funeral homes on the exact number of people in attendance. The service has to be time-sensitive and follow all the covid-19 protocols.
Simultaneously, you can have an online memorial service by live-streaming or using video conferencing software to reach everyone who cannot be with you physically. It is an easy and seamless way to get everyone’s attention. They will be with you remotely and support the bereaved family.

Tips for Conducting Online Memorials
You can adapt effectively to these challenging times by embracing technology. The choice you make will depend on your personal needs, and you must also consider the audience you want to reach. Top tips to use are:
• Select the most accessible online platform for conferencing
The software or program you choose must be accessible to all your audience. Such include zoom or Google Hangouts.
• Give a prior orientation to make everyone well-equipped with the online conferencing.
Everyone should be ready to be part of the service. Some people may feel they are not tech-savvy and fail to join the service.
• Have technical host
A technical host will ensure there is no downtime of buffering during the live-streaming.

Creating a Memorial Page
There are many ways to create a memorial page for your loved one who has succumbed to covid-19. You can make it by yourself and include all the details you want and make you feel better and more comfortable with the page. The page will also enable you to share pictures, videos, and tributes to allow your friends and family to comment. The features of the page include:
• Have your images and videos; you can upload videos and pictures to relive all the moments you had with your loved one using your old photos and videos.
• Include the eulogy and biography; you can honor the life of your loved one by sharing the special moments in their lives.
• Your memorial link; as explained above, this link will enable others to participate with you in your memorial service.
• Donations; the page also allows you to quickly help guests donate what they have to assist in the celebration.

At COVITUARYTM, we are dedicated to helping you commemorate your loved ones who you have lost during this pandemic. You may not have a proper memorial service, but we will help you get support from friends and family who cannot reach your memorial service. We will enable you to have the best celebration of your loved amidst these difficulties. Reach us at COVITUARY.ORG today

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