Create An Online Memorial At Covituary

Create An Online Memorial At Covituary

Good news is on the horizon with COVID-19 vaccines now on the way, even if the death toll from the virus continue to rise. With even famous names passing unexpectedly from COVID, it’s a sobering reminder of the staggering pace in those we’ve lost.

Someone like you might be in the same situation, putting you into a quandary on how to memorialize them. After all, with the virus preventing anyone from meeting in-person, how do you go about getting a memorial set up now?

You should turn online as the next best source. We want to be your leading source at

Use Online Memorials to Keep a Loved One’s Memory Alive

It’s not always enough to post an obituary in a local newspaper or other publication. We all know that despite paying a fortune to get those obits published, they’re only visible for less than a week. Afterward, you’re usually forced to pay additional funds to keep an obit live on sources like

Online memorials sites just aren’t plentiful enough, and usually require paying far more than you should. In a time when you’re already grieving from the sudden loss of a loved one from COVID-19, the last thing you want is being forced to pay big bucks just to keep their memory going.

You shouldn’t have to, and this is why we created Covituary. While we do appreciate donations to keep us going, using our memorial page service is completely free. At the same time, you still have means to post multimedia so your loved one gets the best possible memorial presentation.

This page then stays active forever, including means to share it to the world on social media or anywhere else.

What Makes for an Effective Online Memorial Page?

One major mistake other online memorial pages make is they limit the media possibilities for users. At best, you can only post a textual obituary and one picture. You usually can’t post videos or add additional things, like milestones.

Our memorial page template gives you everything you need to provide a well-rounded portrait of your parent, relative, or close friend. They deserve to have everyone know as much about them as you did since all lives are valuable. Having that life taken away perhaps too soon due to COVID makes a memorial page all the more essential.

You can really bring this to life by including video of your loved one’s most significant moments in life. Whether they were old or young, allowing visitors to see them during pivotal life moments brings them to life.

Most significant is the ability to post a separate Milestones section listing their greatest accomplishments.

Share Memories with People They Knew

A guestbook is also placed on your memorial page, allowing anyone to visit and post their own memories. This lets them expound as long as they want about your family member, adding more to milestones or memories you perhaps didn’t know.

These guestbook comments also stay up forever and become a permanent part of your page. You can reach people easier with the sharing link above, saving you time from having to reach people by phone or mail.

Getting your page out on social media may also bring in friends your loved one lost contact with, allowing for a true, virtual memorial service. It’s the next best thing to a live memorial event until the time comes we all do that again in-person.

Visit us to learn more about our memorial page features. We’re here for you to bring a memorable memorial page experience in a time when your lost loved one more than deserves it.

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